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June 22, 2020 Off By Shain

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Most people can’t make your trade show or craft sale in person. They would love to but time, money, location, and life events make it impossible for many. So you need, absolutely need a place to park your inventory. And the most cost effective way is through your own website.

First thing to consider is, how much inventory do you actually have. Most cabochon cutter like myself are only able to keep a few hundred or so cabochons at a time. I just don’t have the ability or time to always cut. This is the majority of cabochon cutters out there. Not a large wholesalers who actually do have to rely on trade shows to move their wares.

We simple minded cabochon cutters need a place when we are not doing shows to showcase our cabochons to the public without a ton of effort. So a website with a shopping cart function should be top on your list. However there is a lot of mis information about running a website and people will often give up. Don’t up if you want to have a successful brand. The First thing is Content creation.

Content for Cabochon market

Products for sale are not really considered content unless you spend a little more time on the product post and provide more information about it, the material, links to similar, etc. etc. But it is still not going to be read like search engines want it to. If you are just posting products for sale. Your search ranking becomes stagnant. So when a potential buyer searches on google for “Cabochons” there is a pretty high change your website will be buried many pages deep.

So write content on your website. Create engage-able pages or videos in your website so customers have a reason to visit your website and then tell their friend’s about you. It is important in creating your own cabochon market. And that is the second part of this section, videos.

Video are considered content and the internet in general has moved more to watching, liking, and engaging websites that have videos in them. Take the time to consider how you want to create a have videos as a way to offer content on your website. If you do that along with blogging about your cabochon journeys you will see a lot of Traffic begin to find your website.

At the time of writing this post, I have no videos on this website. But please pay attention when I do. As I post them on facebook and of my rock hunting trips sometimes. Those videos always get the most interests.

So do you have videos out there, a website, or looking to have a website? Want some video tips, website how to’s, or have a questions about getting a website maid, updated, or hosted. Please contact me, leave a comment, and visit my info Web hosting page.

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