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Where is the Cabochon Market

June 22, 2020 Off By Shain

Third Party Reseller Platforms

The third part of this thread about where the cabochon market is in third party reseller platforms. In essence these are paid services for which you can sell your cabochons. The two biggest ones would be eBay and Esty. Visit these links above to see examples of what is for sale when searching for “cabochons” on either website.

When I first started selling online it was through eBay. And I still maintain my account with a $5.82 credit that has been sitting in there for years.(12 years) There is nothing wrong with using these sites to move product. But they will get their cut of the sale regardless in some cases of you being able to actually sell it. There may be a listing fee, and then when it sells, another fee. And if you use any type of credit card process or online payment option. There will be a fee when selling that.

This is why I believe having a website still more important. Cutting a cabochon can take a lot of time. (besides learning how cut it). And material can cost a lot of money, let alone being hard to replace. And you are competing with overseas sweatshops that acid polish everything. Or the cost of living is so low you just cant compete. So you value of your piece keeps going down.

Consider if you will, a slab for Lapis cost $50. You can produce 5 nice cabochons from that slab that took you around 2-3 hours to cut and polish. If you value your labor at $25 per hour then you spend $100 just to produce 5 cabochons. So you need to sell them each at $20 in order to just break even. Unless its top notch material and your technique in polishing and shaping it above par. Most average cabochon prices are around $10-$20 each. So in order to be competitive you have already lost out in profits.

That is very generalize and most people really don’t care and do it as a hobby to keep being able to do it. That is actually what I do. If I can continue to be able to buy rough, tools, or supplies for my hobby without going in i debt than all is good. So keep that in mind.

If you want to brand yourself as I have done, then consider third party sites are using “you” to brand themselves. Your exposure it dictated on how they brand themselves using your product. But in the end if it gives you a place to park your inventory it is not all bad, just not all good either.

If you prefer selling your cabochons on these third party websites. Please tell us how it working and the positive aspects to using them. Maybe I am missing a site you want others to know about. Please comment below.

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