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Where is the Cabochon Market

June 22, 2020 Off By Shain

Social Media

Social Media is now the focus of so many hobbyist and crafters for selling their wares online. This is a great avenue for selling but there are a couple things to keep in mind. The notice of just using social media to sell can work but in no way will it work to park your inventory. In the end you will still have unsold cabochons that need to be parked somewhere. Which can be done on certain social media like a Facebook page/photo gallery.

In 2004 I was part of several online forums and groups helping folks learn about the cabochon market and lapidary in general. Part of that was how and where to sell. A few of these forums still exist or have also transitions into Social Media like Facebook groups. There are rules to follow and often there is a lot more competition for selling. However it can work. Here is what I suggest.

If you are cutting cabochons there are many cabochon seller groups that offer sales days. These are general sales days in which you must remove, close, or mark you item sold by the end of said day. Some groups have price limits, others do not. Some have just a couple sellers allowed to sell on them, others allow everyone. And if you look around you will find a lot of the same sellers, selling the same cabs on different groups. Or selling the same cabs at different times when they didn’t the first time round.

Be vigilante and clear with your pieces, and be competitive but make sure you follow the rules for each group you join. Ask the admins if you can have a feature day to sell a dozen or so pieces. And make sure to try and brand yourself so people know you are selling good cabochons. The best brand is your name. But I feel it is a crap shoot as I see really bad, low quality cabochons sell for more than one would from a high end cabochon cutter. But these cutters selling low end cabs have established buyers that know their wares. And that is fine if they over price under valued cabochons.

Be patience and if they don’t sell, move them to a parked folder on your FB page, or personal page. Cross market into other SM accounts like Instagram or Pinterest. And lastly, create videos to upload to youtube showing off your cabochons, cutting skill, or studio project bench. People like using the facebook Live function to do auctions or Buy it now sales using grids to layout products. But work on gaining your friends list or followers to your facebook page to really get people to see your stuff.

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