Cabochon Market

Where is the Cabochon Market

June 22, 2020 Off By Shain

My Plan

My plan is to continue to create in my cabochon market is content on this website like this article on where the market is found. Followed by creating videos of my projects uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. And all along uploading products into this catalog. Offering super discounted pieces only on this website. But also offering first picks of new cabochons to my Facebook group “Freeformcabs”. While looking for other cabochon cutters who want to be featured in this FB group to sell their cabochons.

And at least a couple times a week, dedicate studio time to cutting new cabochons in bulk sets of materials so I can offer several shapes, sizes, and prices of one type of material. For example, I have a large selection of Plume agates on my bench right now that will be all worked together and offered for sale together. Thank you for reading this topic about the cabochon market and please tell others. Comment below and share your ideas, thoughts, experience, or just ask a question.

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